Health & Safety compliance in 48 hours

Easily tick all the boxes for your company’s health & safety and environmental obligations.

Personal health and safety consultant

You may have avoided the dreaded health and safety minefield for years but now the time has come to pull your head out of the sand and actually deal with it in order to get those bigger projects.

Problem #1

You don’t know what you need and where to start

Problem #2

You need it quickly so you can tender for a project

Problem #3

You haven't got the time to do the paperwork

Here at UR Safety…
we take a personal approach to helping your building company become fully compliant, always being on-hand to make the whole process easy.

From one-off projects to full on-going assistance, UR Safety can help with everything from the simplest of tasks to a full framework.​

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48-hour building company compliance plan

Helping successful building contractors get full health, safety & environmental compliance in 48 hours, so they can tender for bigger projects without the headache of complex paperwork.

Don't risk losing a project due to compliance issues

Avoid wasted time figuring out exactly what's needed

No complex paperwork for you to complete

On-demand advice for complete peace of mind

Stage 01

Initial Assessment

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some company documents, we’ll get to know you and your company, understanding your needs and obligations and come up with an agreeable, affordable action plan.

  • Company assessment
  • Action plan
  • Accurate quote
Stage 02

Company compliance

It’s time to produce the goods. This could be a simple risk assessment and methods statement or a documented HS & E management system for full business compliance to satisfy even the most stringent inspection. We’ll explain everything to you in plain English.

  • Company policies
  • Assessments and checklists
  • Help implementing these on-site
Stage 03

Ongoing help

Moving forward, you may need a few tweaks to satisfy more demanding customers. Whether it’s applying for extra accreditation or updating your staff training, we can help with every health, safety, and environmental requirement.

  • Site inspections and checks
  • Maintain paperwork systems
  • PQQ’s and accreditation management
What if...?

Have you ever laid in bed at night worrying? What if that accident actually happened? What If someone fell and hurt themselves? What if I get a visit from the H.S.E.? Health and safety compliance is usually the last thing on your mind until you really need it. The costs involved can be huge if you aren’t operating a safe environment for your team and someone gets hurt.

Talk to David about what you need and get a competitive quote.

"I was recently asked to tender for a large job. The clients are professional house builders and speed was of the essence. They sent over the details and a PQQ. I hadn’t had to fill in one before and didn’t know what to do until I was recommended to UR Safety. David filled in all the relevant details and got it back within a day. I won the job!"
Anthony Yasoumi
Owner, ACY Electrical

What's in your HSE plan…

  • Free initial assessment
  • Personalised service
  • One-off yearly company fee
  • Monthly retainer if needed

Why UR Safety is a great partner for builders

UR Safety is run by David Stanley who is a certified health, safety and environmental consultant in Ramsgate.

David was an established builder, and has been in and around the industry for 30 years. Back in the day, health and safety consultants were charging a fortune and was unaffordable for a small builder, so David took an interest in health & safety to protect his team and to take on some of the responsibilities for his company.

From this experience David become a fully qualified health and safety advisor and manager working with some of the largest construction companies and health and safety firms before creating a personal service

  • Over 30 years working in the construction industry
  • 6 years advising for larger firms
  • iOSH and NEBOSH qualified
David Stanley UR Safety
"I used to be a builder and know how confusing the process can be and the fear of it costing an arm and a leg. Just ask!"
David Stanley
Owner / Consultant (GRADiosh,AIIRSM,AIEMA)
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Manyweather's trusted HSE advisor for their construction work

Manyweather Properties carried out a 2 year project up at Manston, Kent. They quickly realised that the health & Safety side of things was pretty complicated and they just didn’t have the time to deal with it fully. Steven Manyweather brought in UR Safety so he could get compliant quickly and get on with his building development.

Services provided

  • Initial assessment
  • Complete compliance framework
  • Management systems created
  • Education and implementation
  • Affordable Monthly retainer
  • Yearly facilities management contract
UR Safety Manyweather manston project
"David really helped us out at short notice and made sure everything was up to scratch. He has done such a good job for our building works that we now have him for our facilities and maintenance side of the business. He really is a partner you can rely on to sort this stuff out."
Steven Manyweather
Manyweather Properties
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Adhoc health & safety services

If you need additional or separate HS & E services to our main plan, see below or just ask here.

  • Construction health and safety plans
  • Principal contractor packs and F10 submissions
  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Environmental assessments
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Adhoc Inspections and full audits
  • Post contract health and safety file
  • Training
  • Accreditation applications (CHAS, Safe Contractor, SSIP,  Constructionline)
Get compliant

Want David to take care of your health & safety compliance?

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Free contractor compliance assessment

Send David your details for a brief chat and to book in your assessment.

Your personal data will be used to respond to your enquiry as per our privacy policy

Our guarantee

If you use UR Safety and you are subject to a fine or penalty, we’ll cover your cost*

Ask us about how we’ll guarantee no enforcement or litigation if you use our total care package

* Terms apply

Common health & safety questions

We would highly recommend that you read through these common questions prior to your assessment. They will give you a good grounding in what is required of a company These should answer your questions otherwise just give David a call.

Don’t feel silly for asking this, it catches a lot of people out. Health and safety is the process an organisation goes through, required under law, to keep everyone safe from harm and this includes members of the public. Health and safety generally starts with a health and safety policy, which describes your commitments to keeping people safe.

The law states that you should have a written policy if you employ 5 or more persons.

The law states it doesn’t have to be written; it doesn’t say you shouldn’t have it. You can still be prosecuted under health and safety laws  if you have less than 5 employees and have no or or inadequate controls over risk

Of course everyone is responsible for their own health and safety, but as a business owner, the buck will generally stop with you!

A hazard is defined as anything that has the potential to cause harm. There are literally hundreds of hazards on a standard building site, some obvious, some not so obvious. You have a duty under law to identify significant hazards and deal with appropriately.

A risk assessment is a process of identifying hazards, identifying who they affect and the likelihood of it happening and how these risks are controlled.

They can be unlimited fines and/or imprisonment depending on the severity.

Competence is measured as a person’s (or company’s) skills, knowledge, attitude and aptitude, technical knowledge and experience. They are essential for a job to be done properly and generally safely. For smaller one man bands this could be as simple as checking they have a competency card such as CSCS/CPCS or a GasSafe (formerly Corgi card). Nearly every trade (including labouring) has an affiliation to a competency card scheme that includes some form of health and safety training associated. Larger companies might ask you to complete a PQQ (pre-qualifying questionnaire) which will drill into your own health and safety compliance to check things like your accident record and that your own staff are suitably competent.

Yes, we sure can. We can also act as your ‘competent person’ as usually required.

You sure can. It’s better to have something to work to rather than nothing. Just be aware that all sites may be different and therefore you may not have captured all the risks on a new site, these are called generic risk assessments. Having not controlled a specific risk on site might lead to an accident, which could lead to you having to answer some pretty awkward questions and could leave you being hit in the pocket. A risk assessment isn’t just about having a piece of paper to cover you, it is genuinely there to protect your workers, sub-contractors and members of the public from your work activities. A risk assessment might even change during a job say if there’s an accident or new members of staff, especially young persons. We can help you with all that. Specific risk assessments are documents that highlight all the significant risks on each individual site.

Although arguably the most significant part of health and safety, Controlling hazards and risk is just the first part. To understand the risks fully, a series of assessments will need to take place. These assessments are used to construct the Risk assessment. These need to be monitored and reviewed periodically.

Over the last few years environmental aspects have been ‘bolted’ on to H&S advisor’s role. It’s considered now that harming the environment is as bad as harming in employee. Many builds have planning conditions, some of which relate to environmental aspects and the potential to cause environmental harm. Just as the health and safety executive can drop into your site and bring enforcement action, so can the environmental agency. The environmental agency may be concerned with how the build deals with emissions to air or emissions to ground water. They might want to see an environmental action plan should you have a fuel spill etc etc. We can help you deal with all that as well.

Yes we can but generally only if you’ve taken a package which include this service.

We’ll give you a hour of our time absolutely free to run a basic assessment. Should you require a more in-depth assessment we can give you an idea of how long it will take and how much it might cost. Every organisation is different and each may have a different level of system in place. Because of this, it’s impossible to give a ‘fixed’ cost on our website.

The health and safety ‘process’ relies on a system of constant monitoring and improvement. Monitoring could be a visit to site to check the workers are doing everything they should be and making sure they’re not doing anything they shouldn’t. Don’t worry, we don’t shout and holler at anyone, but will help with guidance and and provide you a report to help you focus on ways of improving. All of this adds to your professionalism and how your customers see you as well as showing everyone just how much you care.

Need more answers? Call us on 01843 491 159 or send us a message here.

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